7 Basic Ingredients Of Traditional Italian Food

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Ingredients Italian Dinner Hawthorn

Ingredients Italian dinner Hawthorn and all other meals for the rest of the day. We all know Italian cuisine is one of the world’s most favoured and preferred cuisines. 

That’s because the Italians love their food and have a passion for what they do. In fact, they transmit this passion into the preparation of their favourite foods. 

If you analyse any Italian menu, there are some basic ingredients used in the preparation in just about all their dishes. 

The secret to their success in food preparation lies in using these basic ingredients. Here are 7 basic ingredients of traditional Italian food. Also, these basic 7 ingredients come to life in any traditional Italian restaurants in Hawthorn and other cities all over the world for that matter.


Olive Oil

This kind of oil is the most commonly used cooking oil in Italy. It has been used throughout the history of Italian cooking and food preparation. 

Olive oil is called “Liquid Gold” for the important role it plays in food preparation in Italy. No food in Italy would look, feel, and taste the same without olive oil. 

The taste of olive oil is is totally different from other types of cooking oils. Hence, it is used in almost all foods cooked and prepared in the country. 

It also comes with many health benefits such as protecting your heart. 

Interestingly enough, this oil from the Tuscan region is considered the best because of its pure flavour and taste. It is one of the most basic ingredients of traditional Italian food.


Tomatoes are another favourite ingredient when preparing Italian food. Italy is one of the biggest producers of tomatoes in the region. 

Italians use lots of tomatoes when preparing their food. In fact, you will come across more than 100 different types of tomatoes across Italy. 

The Italians make sauces, salads, pizzas, soups, bruschettas, and many other food items with tomato. 


You may have already heard of Mozzarella and Parmesan – which are two of the favourite types of cheese in Italy. 

However, Italian cheese is much more than these two varieties. 

The list of Italian cheese is quite extensive and they have their own prominence in almost every Italian recipe. 

Mozzarella is the best cheese used when making pizzas. Likewise, Pecorino and Burrata are ideal for salads. Parmesan is commonly used for risotto or pasta. 

Cheese is considered one of the best appetizers in Italy. Whether you have the cheese cooked or raw, it is delicious in a large number of recipes. 

Cheese is another basic ingredient in traditional Italian foods.


Basil is an herb that is appreciated in Italy more than any other herb. 

Italians tend to plant this herb in their gardens in order to have it fresh whenever they need the herb for cooking. 

This leaf, as basic as it may be, is added to a variety of fresh salads and other recipes. Pesto is a sauce that is used with pasta and potatoes. 

It is essential in preparing pesto. In fact, basil is another important ingredient used in many traditional Italian recipes.


Pasta is the representation of Italian cuisine throughout the world. In fact, it is considered the pride of Italian cooking. 

Italy has so many types of pasta other than spaghetti, macaroni and tagliatelle. 

Pasta comes in different sizes and you will find long pasta, short pasta, fresh pasta, baked pasta, and filled pasta. 

You should serve pasta with different preparations of sauces from tomato based Neapolitan sauces through to carbonara and cream based sauces.


There are 20 regions in Italy with each one of them producing their own bread. In fact, you will find over 20 types of bread in Italy due to this reason. 

Focaccia is one of the most popular served with several ingredients on top of it.


Meat is another basic ingredient of traditional Italian cooking. You will find beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and many other types of meat in Italy.

These meats are also cured and used to produce other classic appetizers such as salami and prosciutto. 

There is no doubt that Italian cuisine is one of the world’s most favourite cuisines. 

Next time you are in Italy, you simply must try one of the delicacies discussed above. 

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