An Italian Restaurant In Melbourne As A Great Engagement Party Venue

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An Italian restaurant in Melbourne may be considered a good venue for your most-awaited and highly-anticipated engagement party. Engagement parties are becoming the highlights for soon-to-be-married couples. Apart from the actual wedding day, the engagement party gives them an opportunity to share such a magical moment with their loved ones.

Couples have many reasons to bring everyone together to share their love and passion. An engagement party is the first step to their road to forever. In this article, let’s uncover this auspicious event and how to make it even more special. Let’s zero in on the location, shall we? After all, it’s one component that’s aimed to captivate and enthrall everyone.

Why is an engagement party important?

There are a myriad of reasons why an engagement party may be considered. Of course, only give it some consideration when budget and other aspects can accommodate such a celebration. Know that engagement parties are not a requirement. However, it is a great opportunity to let the world (or at least your circle know) that you are close to living the life that’s happily ever after.

Here are some of the reasons why an engagement party is a good idea:

Breaks the ice between families

For the most part, different members of the family may have never seen each other yet. Some even see the other members of the family during the wedding day itself. While this has become common, it can’t be helped to have some feeling of awkwardness in between families. This is especially true for cousins and other quite distant relatives.

Since engagement parties (like in an Italian restaurant in Melbourne) are less formal compared to the actual wedding ceremony, it may be a good way to introduce everyone from both sides of the family. Games and another get-to-know-you program may be introduced. Well, this is also a great time to drink responsibly and share fun (and maybe embarrassing) stories for great laughs!

Bring friends together

Some friends are so busy that they need a special occasion to make an appearance. Now, holding a special engagement party should make them finally show up. Similar to the previous point, engagement parties also are an opportune time to get to know friends from both sides of the couple.

If the couple decides to have both friends and family members get together, imagine how much of a big hit the party becomes! Building networks, establishing relationships, and enriching camaraderie all become essential components to making such get-together a memorable one. Life is full of amazing moments. Getting started with your road to forever by getting engaged is another reason to celebrate the many great things that have to come our way.

Great way to prepare for the actual wedding

It is most likely that guests invited to the engagement party are also part of the wedding. In fact, most engagement party attendees may even be part of the wedding entourage. Therefore, the engagement party may be an informal way to prepare and plan for the wedding. Guests may also have ingenious suggestions that may be considered to make the wedding even more unique and memorable.

Use the engagement party to also reiterate and remind everyone of their roles during the wedding. It also won’t hurt to set expectations so the entourage members are fully aware of what they need to do to keep up with the wedding’s solemnity. When all points are discussed and cleared, then the partying continues! Just don’t get too drunk especially if it is in an Italian restaurant in Melbourne, alright?

To make the party even more special, have it in a special venue like an Italian restaurant in Melbourne

The venue can be anywhere, seriously. However, if you have a little bit more cash to spare, it is recommended to have the engagement party in a special venue. Engagement party venues usually come with everything you need to make it a huge success! Most venues even come with an events specialist to make things happen for you.

Therefore, make sure to check these qualities of a good (even exceptional) engagement party venue 

Make sure to have a convenient location for everyone in attendance

This comes as a no-brainer. No occasion will be considered successful if only a few guests got to go. At the end of the day, you are throwing the engagement party to share the special moment with family and friends. If the venue is in the middle of nowhere, then who will you share the moment with? 

To have the best show-up rate for your engagement party, make sure that guests can conveniently go to the venue. Whether they take public transportation or drive their own cars, it should not be a hassle. Also, save the destination wedding, well, to the actual wedding itself. An engagement party that requires guests to fly out or take long drives may not be a good idea.

Topnotch facilities

Don’t settle for anything less just because it’s not your wedding day yet. If you choose to have an engagement party, then might as well go all out. Since the engagement party serves as a prelude to the main event (wedding), have it a venue with the best facilities. So, what are these facilities? Here are some that you have to be on the lookout for:

  • Ample and adequate parking spaces that are conveniently located close to the venue,
  • Enough toilet so queueing is reduced at any given time,
  • Good sound/acoustic system (audio is appropriately dispersed throughout the room without too much feedback/echo),
  • Good lighting (venue lets natural light if not then adequate lighting should be present to avoid feeling like being in cell or dungeon),
  • Adequate health and safety sections all over the venue and/or property (hand sanitizers and alcohol automatic dispensers, automatic thermal scanners, etc.),
  • Smells fresh, clean, and regularly sanitized
  • Topnotch ventilation system, if indoors,
  • Well-kept and maintained furniture, walls, carpets, tables, chairs, etc. 

Engagement party guests equal wedding guests

Does it make sense? This means whoever your guests are at the engagement party is most likely going to be invited to the wedding. Between the two events, the wedding warrants more guests, hence a larger venue. On the other hand, engagement parties tend to be intimate with fewer (and selected) guests in attendance. 

For the engagement party, go for a smaller and more intimate venue. Pick a venue that has significant space that highlights closeness but with ample breathing space. You certainly don’t want a venue that’s too cramped or too big for the limited number of guests present. To have the best engagement party venue (like an Italian restaurant in Melbourne), make sure you are present during the ocular inspection.

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