Five Points To Remember Before Starting An Italian Restaurant Business

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Italian food in Hawthorn is well-loved by many. Different Italian restaurants are a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The Italian restaurant has this classic and simplistic charm that’s difficult to resist. As such, the interest to put up more Italian restaurants has been steadily increasing.

Italian restaurants are frequented by many. A restaurant which uses only authentic ingredients for their Italian dinner in Hawthorn sees more and more visitors on the daily. Osteria 20, a Hawthorn restaurant for one is a testament to this. Many Italian restaurants in the area share the same foot traffic as well. 

Why not? An Italian restaurant is a good business venture. With the right strategies and intensive research in place, it should do well. To further guide you in your quest to open an Italian restaurant, here are FIVE business points you need to know before getting started:

Choose the location

A good location always sets a business from the rest. Start checking for potential locations for your business. An ideal business location should be near or around any of the following:

–       Transportation hubs or terminals

–       Universities, schools, and other learning facilities 

–       Central Business District where salaried employees hold office

–       Places of worship like churches, cathedrals, synagogues, mosques, temples, etc. 

–       Malls, community shopping centers, outlet stores, etc.

–       Theme parks 

–       Sports stadium 

These locations are always full of people. Potential customers come in hefty volumes at any given time and day. As such, having more foot traffic in your Italian restaurant business is almost guaranteed. Since Italian restaurants are mainstream (not niche), a good 80 percent of the foot traffic can be considered a potential market.

Ask for expert opinions

Seek opinions from an Italian restaurant owner (if you have one within your circle). If not, it is always advisable to attend seminars, conventions, conferences that specialize in putting up a start-up business. These activities, though mostly pricey, must be considered a good investment rather than an expense. 

If you are constrained with time or saving up on the budget, there are a host of online videos available for your viewing pleasure. Not only are the videos free, but they are also full of vital information that can help you with your Italian business plan.

Do your assignment

Good, you now know that an Italian restaurant business is a good idea. The next step is to start working on what makes your business a restaurant- FOOD. Ask yourself this: Do you have any idea about the Italian way of cooking? Do you know how to cook? Do you know what sets Italian dishes apart from others like French or Spanish cuisines? 

If No is your answer, then study- and fast! You have to be an expert in Italian food in Hawthorn if you want to succeed. Don’t entrust everything to your chef or kitchen staff. You need to be a master of Italian cooking which uses the best ingredients for Italian dinner in Hawthorn. You need to be able to prepare everything even when it’s only you in the restaurant.

Prepare your menu

If you wish to have an authentic and traditional Italian restaurant, live up to your promise. Italians are highly particular to their food. They get upset over false authentic claims. This is part of your assignment. Remember, Italian cuisine is not just about pizzas and pasta. The ingredients of an Italian dinner in Hawthorn must be fresh and altogether traditional.

For a complete Italian dining experience, prepare a wide variety of meals from appetizer to dessert and everything in between. Every dish has to be carefully prepared, cooked the way Italians do with ingredients only Italians use.

Promoting the Italian restaurant

A good restaurant promotion is imperative to gain more customers. The Italian food in Hawthorn won’t be known without any marketing ploy. This is even more important when you are in the introductory phase of the business. Here are some marketing activities you can do to promote your Italian restaurant business:

–       Freebies- You may want to serve a free bowl of pasta or a serving of lasagna to your first 50 or 100 customers. However, don’t go overboard on this. Make sure that any promotional activities are recorded in the books.

–       Giveaways- Loyal customers get free stationery and pens. Birthday celebrants get a free slice of cake. Graduates get a 20 percent discount. The list goes on.

–       Catchy, hip, and interesting signage- This is inexpensive but requires intensive artistry and creativity. Make sure that the signage is eye-catching and hard to miss.

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