Five Reasons Why Italian Dishes Are Loved By So Many

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There is something special about your favorite Italian restaurant in Hawthorn. You may or may not know why, however, something is enthralling about the Italian cuisine in general. There is something about Italian dishes that make you come back for more. 

Is it the ambience? The scent which gives an olfactory pleasure? The flavor, perhaps?

The history of pizza in an Italian restaurant in Hawthorn comes with centuries of traditions. Even better, nothing much has changed over the years. It may look simple, however, it is bursting with so much flavor. It plays with the senses making you crave for it. To a point, it may even be translated as an obsession.

It is best to understand how Italian food never fails to make everyone more than gastronomically satisfied every time. As such, let’s break down the reasons why Italian dishes are so beloved.

Here are five reasons why we love Italian dishes so much.

It uses nothing but the freshest ingredients

Italians have used the same ingredients over the years. Their cooking traditions have been passed on from one generation to another. Part of the tradition is using the freshest produce available. Meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, you name it. Everything comes from the freshest source. The Italian way of cooking epitomizes the Farm to Table approach. 

It is simplistic and uncomplicated

This is precisely because of the freshest ingredients used. Hardly any substitutes. The best ingredients, regardless of its simplicity, produce the best flavor. It’s noticeably the case especially if you observe your favorite Italian restaurant in Hawthorn. If it is authentic, then their food preparation is straightforward and uncomplicated. However, it still is so good and delectable.

Health benefits

One of the reasons behind Italian dishes being highly favored is because of its health benefits. As Italians use fresh ingredients and apply simple preparation methods, the nutritional factor gets retained. Also, with not much ingredients added, the caloric content is in check. They only use mostly olive oil, tomatoes, greens, pasta and some meat. This is why weight watchers simply adore Italian dishes. Simple, Fresh and Healthy, of course.

Enjoying it won’t take forever

Because of its simplistic approach to preparation and use of ingredients, it can easily be cooked. You won’t have to wait long hours to enjoy an Italian dish. Pasta Carbonara only has a few ingredients mainly pasta, olive oil, meat, egg yolks, garlic, Pecorino cheese and some herbs. The pasta can be enjoyed in under 10 minutes. Now, this is the best form of “fast food.” 

Wine is part of the meal

It comes to no surprise that restaurants like Osteria 20, a Hawthorn restaurant famous for serving Italian dishes come with a wide wine selection. One of the special qualities of Italian cuisine is the inclusion of wine during the meal. Sipping wine significantly enhances the flavor of every dish served. There is a specific wine that goes with any type of Italian dish. Next time, don’t forget to ask your favorite Italian restaurant in Hawthorn for the best wine to be paired with your dish of choice.

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