Four Reasons Why We Have To Visit Italy At Least Once In Our Lifetime

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The best Italian restaurant in Hawthorn is a good vessel to take all of us to the shores of Italy. However, nothing beats personally being there, right? Italy, over many centuries, has never failed to enthrall everyone. It is nothing but captivating and breathtaking. Every corner is picture-worthy.

It is elusive, especially for us living on the other side of the world. God knows how many layovers we have to go through to finally reach this Mediterranean paradise. Give or take, it takes around 24 hours with at least two plane rides. That’s intense. But, it is all worth it. Just think about the miles you are going to earn.

Flying for several hours, hopping from airport to airport is a tiny price to pay to see the grandeur of Italy. It is a must-see. It has to be on anyone’s bucket list. Yes, it has to be visited at least once in everyone’s lifetime. Have you ever wondered why Italy has this certain inexplicable effect on everyone? Like, there’s something about it that makes them want to come back over and over again.

Why is this so? Why must we visit Italy at least once?

Here are FOUR reasons why

Culture, Tradition, And Art Are Impeccable And Beyond Compare

Italians take pride in their culture and tradition. They have it ingrained in their systems as it has been passed on from generation to generation. Let’s also not forget that this country produced Gods of Art from Leonardo da Vinci to Michelangelo, Raphael to Botticelli. Their contribution to the arts has resonated all over the world. Thanks to Italy, we have the Renaissance movement as one of our art inspirations in design and architecture.

Picturesque Landscapes Every Corner You Visit

Italy has diverse regions. Each region has a unique characteristic that makes them special in their own exotic way. From the peaks of the Italian Alps to the beaches of the Mediterranean coast, visitors will never run out of reasons to hold their breath. It’s so beautiful that many visitors become a tad bit too emotional for simply being there. It’s that magical!

Home To A Good Number Of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The magic number is 51. Yes, Italy has 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to be proud of. One of which is that awe-inspiring Amalfi Coast. Seriously, who won’t fall in love with the splendor of this place? There is also quite a number in places like Florence, Tuscany, and Siena. The ancient temples in Paestum and Agrigento are just some of the places to visit since you are already there.

Gastronomic Indulgence Is Astronomical

Italian cuisine is known for its simplicity, traditional presentation, health benefits, and delectable flavors. Pizza, pasta, and other Italian delights are best to try in Italy. Only then will we all realize how great these dishes are.

Thanks to the best Italian restaurant in Hawthorn, we are somehow given a glimpse of the amazing Italian cuisine. For more information, contact the best restaurants in Hawthorn like Osteria 20, a Hawthorn restaurant for that special experience. However, (at one point) it’s best to experience them personally in Italy.

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