Nine Interesting Facts About The Italian Cuisine That You May Not Know

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Italian food in Hawthorn is special in many ways. It brings the authentic culture and tradition of Italy closer to home. Italian cuisine has easily been a favorite among many all over the world. As such, it has become an easy choice for entrepreneurs to venture in.

With such popularity, it is important to know the special traits and characteristics of Italian cuisine like that of Osteria 20. Gaining more knowledge makes people appreciate Italian foods even more. Now, let us unveil some interesting facts about this well-loved cuisine.

Freshness Is Crucial

Italians use nothing but the freshest ingredients available. The “Farm To Table” approach is commonly used in authentic Italian dishes. It doesn’t matter where they are in the world, they opt to choose using fresh produce in their cooking.

Don’t be surprised to see Italians shopping in organic markets. You’d see them picking the best of the best ingredients for their daily meals.

Spaghetti Is A Staple

Yes, the good old spaghetti is a staple Italian food. It is served in millions of ways (ravioli being one). It is best served with the ever-famous and notorious delectable Bolognese sauce.

The Bolognese takes time to prepare. It has wine, celery, carrots, beef, stock and left simmering for hours and hours. One of the latest news of Osteria 20 may say something about their newly offered pasta dish.

Italian Breakfast Is Light But Satisfying

An Italian breakfast most of the time consists of coffee and cookies. It also has light and airy croissants that go so well with coffee. This breakfast menu gives enough energy to jumpstart an awesome and busy day ahead. Warm milk goes so well with kids’ breakfast, too.

Three Dishes Are Common

Italian dishes usually start with an appetizer or serving of salad. It is then followed by a nice pasta dish with a choice of meat. This is usually served with cheese on the side and a designated wine. Dessert caps any meal. Desserts are usually light yet still decadent and succulent.

Get Used To Having Late Dinner

Italians love taking their time. This is even more evident when they prepare their dishes. It is common for Italians to prefer home-cooked meals compared to fast food.

As such, meals usually start later than usual. Since dinner is the time when everyone gets to congregate after a long day, preparing it is essential. Given this, don’t be surprised to have dinner at 9 p.m. or later. Dine-in Italian Hawthorn restaurants late at night and it will be just fine. Don’t worry.

Vegetables Are Essential

Just like spaghetti with Bolognese sauce, vegetables are also a staple. Vegetables are most of the time served blanched or grilled. This food preparation preserves the vitamins and nutrients.

Also, it retains the fresh appearance of the vegetables. The vegetables complement the flavor of the other dishes it is served with. Dine-in Italian restaurant restaurants and be mesmerized with how much vegetables are part of the dish.

Pizza Is Synonymous To Italy

No doubt, the most authentic pizza dishes are served in Italy. Different regions offer a special way of preparing their pizza. However, the common pizza ingredients have fresh (most of the time homemade) tomato sauce, herbs and spices, different kinds of cheeses, basil, garlic, and thinly sliced meat.

Wine Is A Part Of The Meal

Italy has the best wines on earth. Italy’s soil and climate are ideal in producing the best grapes for winemaking. There is a specific wine that goes with specific dishes.

The wine highlights the flavor and aroma of the dishes it is paired with. It is sipped slowly and gently for a more robust but classy way of eating. It is not there to get Italians drunk. Ask your friendly wait staff about the best wine that goes well with any Italian food in Hawthorn.

Different Types Of Italian Restaurants

Yes, there are different types of Italian restaurants. They are the following:

Trattoria- These are casual restaurants that are usually family-owned. The restaurant revolves around the involvement of the entire family where the mother cooks, the father tends the bar and the kids help in the upkeep.

Osteria- It is less cheap and even more informal compared to Trattoria. This is a common place where people gather for some wine and cheese or simply to relax over nice food.

Pizzeria- The perfect place to devour your favorite pizza.

Enoteca- This can be described as a local wine bar. People stay there to have their glasses of wine shared with friends.

Taverna- This is Italy’s version of an English pub. The only difference is that wine is served instead of beer.

Gelateria- Don’t go anywhere else but the Gelateria if you are craving for the creamiest and most authentic Italian ice creams.

Pasticceria- It can be compared to a coffee shop, only little desserts are also offered. These desserts are usually made on the spot.

Caffe- Similar to the cafés we know. Only, Italian caffes also serve breakfast aside from the usual coffee. Their breakfast (as mentioned) consists of cookies, croissants, and delectable sandwiches.

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