Seven Important Tips In Choosing The Right Function Room For Your Event

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Special occasions have to be celebrated in a special venue like one of the function rooms in Hawthorn or elsewhere. It can be at home, a park, or practically anywhere that holds a sentimental meaning to someone. This definitely gives a whole new meaning to the occasion altogether, may it be wedding, birthday or any other events.

However, for a more organized event, it is highly advised to have it in one of the function rooms of an event place. As most event places come with coordinators, their assistance definitely is valued. Special events and occasions need a great deal of planning. A DIY party or event may take the fun out the entire occasion. Obviously, it can get highly stressful.

The whole point of a celebration is to enjoy the moment. If it is done in a nice and efficient venue, everything is taken care of. As such, the event becomes more memorable for the right reasons. Stress is taken out of the equation which spells a huge difference.

Here are some guides in choosing the best events venue for your special occasion:

Accessibility to guests

A sentimental place for someone is enthralling, probably even tear-jerking. It adds to the drama and emotional effect to the entire event. However, if it is too far or perhaps located in some remote island, better have the celebration alone. If it is too much of a hassle for guests to go to, most likely they will just be sending their regrets.

Available parking

Right, so you have the  event venue right smack in the middle of the city. However, parking space is only limited to 5. What happens to the rest of the guests? Are they going to carpool? Do you have a bus prepared for them? Do you get the picture? This perhaps is one of the most important considerations. Expect that almost 100 percent of your guests will come driving their own cars. This naturally means that the venue must have ample parking space for all of them.

Size of the function room

Are you looking for an intimate celebration for 20 people? Or is it a grand one for some 200 guests? The venue must be able to accommodate the crowd you are going to invite. Also, it is not enough for all guests to fit in the venue. They have to all be inside but still have more than enough space for movement. This is especially true for events with games and other programs.

Acoustics and sound

Events venues may be too big or too small. Some may produce echo even with the slightest whisper. Others require you to yell and yet, you still can’t be heard clearly. A venue with the wrong acoustics may ruin the entire solemnity of the celebration. It is best to ask the events coordinator about their sound system. It is definitely ideal if the sound system is already provided in the package.

Food and catering

An events venue which also covers catering may also be ideal. At least it becomes sort of a one-stop-shop deal. Who knows? The best Italian restaurant in Hawthorn may actually have function rooms for special events? If you fancy Italian food in Hawthorn, then it may already be part of what is offered upon booking for one of their rooms.

Events Place promotional quality

Venues that aggressively promote events and functions on social media and other media channels is a good thing to consider. If they invest time for high-quality venue photos which come in topnotch marketing collaterals, then it means they are serious. This sends a message that they will definitely take care of you the way they take care of their business. This shall somehow give you peace of mind in dealing with them.

Unique concept

A venue shouldn’t be limited for being in a four-storey building with rooms next to each other labeled A,

B, C or D. It can be set in a lush forest-inspired location. It can even come having the vibe of the best Italian restaurant in Hawthorn serving the most authentic Italian food. Having an event or celebration in a uniquely themed venue surely will make it a big hit to your guests.

Have you made your choice yet?

Choosing the perfect venue takes a lot of time. It should not be rushed. Do your research. Devote at least two days a week to do ocular inspections. Find out as many details through the events specialists you are in contact with. Who knows, one of the function rooms in Hawthorn may be added to your list of special places.

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