Here Are Some Interesting And Exciting Facts About Your Favorite Pasta

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The authentic Italian Hawthorn restaurants know a thing or two about this well-loved classic dish. What could it be? Well, you guessed it right! It’s pasta. There’s something special about this Italian dish that paved the way to its claim to fame worldwide.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of the pasta, let’s uncover some important and interesting statistics about it, shall we? This is to prove that indeed, pasta is a global force.

Even countries geographically distant consider pasta as one of their favorite dishes to consume regularly. Some details may even surprise you. These are nice details to know before you dine in 

Italian Hawthorn restaurants for that mouth-watering pasta dish you’ve been craving for.

Pasta Statistics You May Want To Know

Here are some pasta details that may blow your mind.

– Oxfam’s global survey revealed that pasta is the world’s most popular dish. Closely trailing behind are meat dishes, rice dishes, and pizza.

– European countries are leading in the survey. However, even the ones far from the pasta’s home base love it too. These countries are the Philippines, Guatemala, Brazil, and South Africa. The reason behind this (aside from numerous pasta benefits is pretty much similar to the efforts put into the marketing of Hawthorn Italian restaurants.

– More interestingly enough, according to the Italian Pasta Organization, Venezuela is the country with the largest pasta consumption next to Italy. Closely following Venezuela are Mexico, Argentina, and Bolivia.

Why Is Pasta So Well-Loved By Many?

Long Shelf Life

Especially the dry and packed kind, it can be stored for an extended period and will remain fresh. This is ideal for transport as it doesn’t easily spoil. The key is to closely follow the cooking instructions to get the most authentic pasta quality out of the pack. For those who wish to have a complete meal without so much fuss, pasta is highly suggested. Since it doesn’t spoil for having a longer shelf life, numerous packs can be stored in the cupboard. Just get a pack for cooking and forget the rest. Make sure it is stored in a dry and cool area.


There are about a thousand and one ways to cook the pasta. From the simple Pomodoro to intricate ones, you will have tons of pasta dishes to choose from. To liven things out, there are different pasta varieties to choose from, each with its unique shape and added flavor.


This brings the first two qualities together. Because of its longer shelf life, you are not required to buy as much, say in a week or month. This is a great component to saving up. Even better, you can make glorious pasta sauces with just a few ingredients. What could be these ingredients be? If you happen to have tomato sauce, garlic, salt, pepper, some herbs and spices (which can be optional), and leftover meat from dinner, you can whip up an amazing and almost authentic pasta dish from these without burning a hole in your pocket!

Different Kinds Of Pasta

Pasta is not just about the infamous spaghetti that kids love. There are more pasta kinds you may want to know more about. At the end of the day, you may try these other types of pasta when you make your next dish.


Contrary to popular belief, the Penne is the most popular pasta in Italy, not the Spaghetti. The Penne is a quill-shaped pasta that was first created in 1865 near Genoa. There are also different kinds of penne. However, the most popular one is called Penne Rigate. This is perhaps what most of us see in stores.


It is short with a twisted shape. The Fusilli is also ever-present in various dishes of Southern Italy. This kind of pasta is ideal with meat-based sauces. Sauces with the rich Ricotta Cheese are great to go with the Fusilli.


It’s the wide and cylindrical type which I’m sure many of you have already tried. This type of pasta is ideal for those with thick sauce consistency. These pasta sauces stick to the Rigatoni so well nothing is left on the plate. I’m sure that authentic Italian Hawthorn restaurants have a host of Rigatoni pasta choices as part of their menu.

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