How To Attract Customers To Your Italian Restaurant During Winter

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Marketing Hawthorn Italian Restaurants

Marketing Hawthorn Italian restaurants. Picture this – an owner of an Italian restaurant does great business during the spring, autumn and summer, but experiences a major slowdown once winter hits. 

One slow winter can almost wipe out a whole years profit.

Many restaurant owners struggle to attract customers in the winter, so this situation is nothing new. Luckily, there is something they can do. Given this situation, it is imperative to have a good and solid marketing strategy for Italian restaurant in Hawthorn to still keep the business flourishing.

Below are a few tips and advice on how to attract more customers during winter.

Create a Cosy Atmosphere

A well thought out marketing Hawthorn Italian Restaurants strategy should do what they can to create a cosy and warm atmosphere during winter. 

Winter is typically when people want to stay at home because they don’t want to brave the cold unless they have a good reason to. 

However, an Italian restaurant can give them a reason by continuing to provide excellent food, as well as creating an environment that customers will enjoy. 

There are many things restaurant owners can do. 

They can install an artificial fireplace and include seating arrangements that feature sofas and small couches. 

Including warm and inviting colours into the decor is another way to create a cosy environment. Another good idea is to place candles on all of the tables. 

Happy Hour Drinks & Dinner Discounts 

Another good way to draw in more customers to an Italian restaurant during winter is to advertise discounts on certain dinners. 

Every few days, the menu can include a new discounted meal. 

People love deals and eventually, word will spread that the menu frequently features discounted dinners, and people will flock to the restaurant. 

During the winter months, the restaurant can also have a happy hour on a daily basis. 

Although some restaurant owners may argue that they’ll lose money, there is an upside to doing this.  With this marketing strategy for Italian restaurant in Hawthorn, it takes meticulous and in-depth planning. The restaurant’s owners and key personalities must review income, profitability, cash flow and foot traffic to determine which discount is most appropriate to attract visitors.

If a customer is ordering drinks throughout the evening, the chances are they’ll order some food.

In turn, this will increase profits and make up for any loss the restaurant is taking on offering daily happy hours. This is better than a completely empty restaurant!

Home Delivery

Offering home delivery is another great way to attract customers to an Italian restaurant during the winter months. 

By offering delivery, more people will be inclined to order food from the restaurant.

If they are happy with the quality of the food and delivery service, they may be tempted to actually go to the restaurant in the near future.

Include a free sample of food with their order, if the customer wishes, and this will give them the chance to try something different. 

In turn, they’ll probably visit your restaurant in person. 

It’s worth pointing out that there are third-party companies restaurants can use if they don’t want to hire a delivery driver. 

They can use companies such as Just Eat and Uber Eats. A delivery driver will go to your restaurant, get the order and deliver it straight to the customer.  This is considered a good marketing strategy for Italian restaurant in Hawthorn to still entice patrons for continued business.

Create Adverts 

If an Italian restaurant wants to attract as many people to their restaurant as possible, then nothing really beats paid adverts. A good Marketing Hawthorn Italian restaurants marketing ploy should also capitalise on this.

Instead of sticking to just a single platform, it’s a good idea to run adverts on at least 3-4 platforms. 

Start off with a small budget and increase it when you notice that campaigns are working and which ones aren’t. 

As for what platforms restaurant owners should use, there are many. Advertise your restaurant via Facebook Ads and Google Ads. 

Don’t forget about using Instagram too, as well as Twitter. Consider advertising on YouTube too. 

Attracting guests to an Italian restaurant during wintertime isn’t exactly easy. This goes for most restaurants, but it is not impossible. 

If a restaurant owner implements the above tips, then they could very well increase the number of visitors they get in the winter. 

Give those tips a try and find out for yourself just how effective they are.

At Osteria 20, we offer an authentic Italian dining experience with service that is second to none. With our fool-proof marketing strategy for Italian restaurant in Hawthorn, we got you covered all year long.

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