Why Italian Cuisine Is Popular And Well-Loved All Over The World

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Well, now is the time to contact the best restaurants in Hawthorn. There is one cuisine that stands out from the rest in terms of popularity. Among all cuisines in the world, there’s this dish that captures the palettes of everyone on the planet. 

Can you guess what it is? 

Anyway, it won’t be much of a shocker. It’s Italian cuisine, no less! In a world of disagreements, this aspect probably is one that most people would agree with. There’s so much to love about Italian cuisine for it to be the world’s most loved. This is precisely why Osteria 20 in Hawthorn restaurant is well-loved by people around the community.

But before anything else, let’s do some statistics, shall we?

A study conducted by YouGov released in 2019 returned these insightful and interesting figures:

Mechanics of the study

– 25,000 respondents from 24 different countries participated in the comprehensive study which covered the period of May to December 2018

– 34 national cuisines were part of the choices ranging from popular ones such as Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and French to the less-known ones such as Peruvian and Finnish

Details of the study

– The biggest supporters of Italian cuisine are (obviously) the Italians with 99 percent of the respondents loving their national cuisine.

– The Italian cuisine had an average of 84 percent across all 24 participating countries. It had a huge lead compared to the second-placer with a 78 percent average.

– Other nationalities that are big fans of Italian cuisine are the following:

  • Spaniards with 94 percent
  • French with 93 percent
  • Swedish with 92 percent
  • British with 91 percent
  • Filipinos and Australians with 90 percent

– However, the Chinese respondents showed the least love for Italian cuisine with only 59 percent.

– The second-placer for the most-loved cuisine next to Italian is Chinese which had an average score of 78 percent across all respondents.

  • 95 percent of Chinese respondents showed patriotism by loving their national cuisine.
  • Both the Japanese and Singaporeans loved Chinese cuisine with 94 percent of the respondents showing support.
  • Hong Kongers are next with 91 percent of the respondents loving the Chinese cuisine

Why the love and support for Italian cuisine?

Let’s dig deep into why Italian food is such a global favorite.

Many experts believe that Italian cuisine will remain at the top spot even after the 2019 report. There’s so much clamor for it that slowing down is not even foreseeable. The Osteria 20 Hawthorn restaurant shall continue to thrive with the world’s never-ending love for anything Italian.

Here are the reasons why Italian cuisine is well-loved and supported by people all over the world:

All Italian restaurants are exceptionally good

Look, even the little hole-in-the-wall restaurants in the most remote corner of Italy serve superbly delicious meals. You don’t even have to be in a restaurant to enjoy great Italian food in the first place! Whether home-cooked or restaurant prepared, Italian dishes are made with the best and freshest ingredients prepared the most traditional and uncomplicated way. Contact the best Italian restaurants in Hawthorn and they surely have recipes that come straight from Italy.

Variety of options to choose from

Italian food is diverse. From appetizers, salads to soups, and main courses to desserts, one is blessed with so many choices. Different regions in Italy offer their signature distinct dishes. From the meat dishes of the north to the seafood dishes of the Mediterranean side, nothing disappoints. What these regions offer is sure to tickle everyone’s taste buds.

Incredible health benefits

Because of its use of the freshest ingredients cooked the most traditional way, Italian dishes are considered one of the healthiest in the world. Almost none of their dishes are swimming in oil. For fried dishes, olive oil is used (considered as one of the healthiest oils). Other dishes are either served raw or grilled which does not reek of extra calories and unwanted fats.

The beloved Pizza

Yes, pizza alone is enough to make Italian cuisine soar to great heights. It’s sumptuous, traditional, flavorful, and flexible. It may come across as something simple to make, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Nothing compares to the authentic pizza dishes made in Italy. There’s something inexplicably special about them. The best restaurants in Hawthorn have managed to make a good pizza recipe enjoyed by the community.

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