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Different function rooms in Hawthorn have played host to many events. They have been considered as important components to the event’s success. We all want the best for any of our events, don’t we? Well, at least it pays to know that the venue deserves our utmost attention. Clearly, we won’t settle for anything less.

However, there are also other factors that we need to consider. Aside from choosing the best venue, we need to venture into other facets to make our events memorable (to say the least). In this article, we uncover different steps to undertake for the best celebrations of our lives. Then, we continue to dissect the qualities of a good event venue as a reference.

So, get ready as we are about to embark on a journey of discovery. It’s one that should remind us that celebrations need careful planning. Events need a lot of thought processes to be the best. After all, it’s not only for the main celebrant but for everyone else in attendance. Needless to say, the event should leave a long and lasting impression on everyone.

Event Planning Steps 

In this section, we delve deeper into the steps to initiate and venture into to ensure a successful event. Events don’t only revolve around inviting guests, sharing incredible meals together, and we live happily ever after. These are just barely scratching the surface. 

Here are important steps to remember when planning an event:

Determine the event’s budget 

To be straightforward about this, without a budget there will be no event. Budget is one of the most fundamental components of any event. Therefore, it has to be carefully planned and utilized. It is safe to assume that all other propositions and ventures pertaining to any event/occasion are dictated by the intended budget for it.

For better reference, these are the items that need to be included in the budget breakdown (according to Eventbrite):

– Marketing and Promotions

– Talent, speakers, performers, host

– Invites and other printed materials

– The all-important venue like function rooms in Hawthorn

Ensure to have a good working and flexible budget to accommodate any changes. A contingency fund (which should also be part of the budget) is always the key. In reality, expect that there will be changes/adjustments along the way. 

All events have their nuances. Event organizers/planners have to be duly prepared. Such a predicament becomes a little bit more manageable with sufficient and adequate budget allocation.

Events team 

Lodging a successful event needs a village! It’s quite impossible for one person to handle all the demands, expectations, and requirements attached to planning events. Therefore, a strong force is needed to make everything possible. 

Here are some important reminders in building an events team:

– All team members must report to a manager who is in charge of the entire event,

– If possible, choose members who have a clear understanding and solid background in events or catering,

– Team members must be flexible enough to handle multiple responsibilities,

– Have clear and well-defined designation for each of the members. Here are some roles that need to be designated:

  • Project Manager– The Project Manager is the main point person and is in charge of the event execution. This role manages the budget and different strategies to launch the event successfully.
  • Venue management– This person is in charge of the vendors, on-site suppliers, and sponsors, security, catering, etc. All areas that lead to the venue have to be managed by this team member.
  • Scheduling– This member is responsible for the booking of function rooms in Melbourne, and other scheduling-related matters. All changes/adjustments/new additions to the schedule have to be clearly cascaded to other members of the team.
  • Design and other creatives– This person is responsible for all the visual and design elements of the event like printed and online/web materials such as posters, signage, collaterals, registration, etc. It is essential to have this member onboard to make the company and its events appealing to its intended audience.
  • Communications– Basically, this team member is responsible for creating uncanny and strategic ways for event awareness. Event awareness can come in the form of creating offers, communication with attendees, social media strategies, etc.
  • Registration– Registration is ideally handled by two or more team members who are responsible for setup and other aspects to ensure the entire registration process runs as smoothly as possible. 

Manage the venue (like function rooms in Hawthorn) and date of the event 

We start with the budget to make everything possible. Then, moved to the team responsible to keep everything going. This time, we proceed to another crucial component- the venue. With so many venues/event spaces available, choosing the most appropriate one can be daunting. To know the best venue for a specific event, here are some important reminders:

– If you are working as part of a company or an event planner, make sure to clearly get the vision of your client. Know how to ask open-ended questions to uncover exactly what they desire. The same is true if you are just throwing an event for someone you know.

– Look for different function rooms in Melbourne as early as possible. This is especially the case for events falling on peak seasons. Though there are many choices, event spaces can still get fully booked.

– From many options, limit the shortlist to about three venues. Make sure to compare everything like available discounts/promos, package inclusions, location, and accessibility, etc.

– Negotiate, negotiate, and negotiate!

Characteristics of an ideal venue for your event 

Looks can be deceiving. Sometimes, having the best-looking venue is not enough. Its looks and aesthetic appeal are just barely scratching the surface. 

Let these tips serve as a guide in choosing the best event venue:


What can a beautiful location do when no one can reach it? At least make sure that the location is searchable through GPS, alright? An event is only not for the celebrant but also the guests. It is definitely a great idea to have a venue that’s conveniently accessible via public transportation. Remember, some guests may prefer to take public transportation. 

Available amenities 

It is best if function rooms in Hawthorn and other event spaces have the following available:

– Kitchen for catering, better if they also offer catering services as part of the package

– Available tables, chairs, linens, etc. for use

– Offer/cover set up and busing (clean-up for post-party) services

– Ready to use audio and visual equipment


The layout must be congruent to the intended and prepared activities. If this is a birthday party, do you need a stage for the host and the other performers? If it is for a wedding, do you need to have a special setup for the couple to be on a raised platform? These are just some of the items you have to check. 

It is good to have a venue that has the appropriate layout for a stage, platform, podium, and other requirements. Also, the layout has to have sufficient and adequate space for the proper flow of guests. At no point should there be a bottleneck especially in the toilets, registration area, doors, etc. 

Decoration and ambiance 

It is also essential to check the ambiance and other decorative elements present in the function room or event space. It should be indicative of the additional aesthetic/design work needed. To a certain degree, there’s a little bit of flexibility here. Everything depends on the theme or overall design vision of the event.

Some events need a bare function room so more design elements can be integrated from scratch. Others want an existing look and feel to go with the event theme. This is where venue tours come to play. Through it, the most ideal ambiance can already be witnessed (or discussed with the events specialist). When everything goes well, then you have the best function rooms in Hawthorn in your midst.

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