Top Reasons Why Italian Cuisine Is So Good And Varied

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Choose Italian Restaurant Hawthorn

Choose Italian restaurant Hawthorn. Italian cuisine is undeniably good and so varied. The chances are there are more than a handful of people reading this that will agree with that statement. 

However, a lot of people might be wondering why? As diverse and delectable as Italian cuisine is, foodies should also know the reasons to choose Italian restaurant in Hawthorn. With that said, let’s discuss a few reasons why Italian cuisine is so good and so varied. 

Why Italian Cuisine Is So Varied 

There are several reasons why Italian cuisine is incredibly varied, but there is not a specific reason. 

Generally speaking, one of the main reasons is because the country didn’t fully unite until sometime in the 19th century. 

This means throughout hundreds of years different regions of Italy had its own uniqueness in terms of cuisine. This is precisely why many choose Italian restaurant Hawthorn over others. 

In short, different people in different regions cooked food differently, eat differently and sourced their food both locally and across the region. 

When the country finally united, the different ways and methods of cooking food was shared around and started to spread. 

Today, different regions are still known for specific cuisines. However, most styles of food and cooking are available countrywide. 

Reasons Why Italian Cuisine Is So Good

Generally speaking, there are dozens of reasons why Italian cuisine is so good. Different people will have different opinions and thoughts on why this is. For this purpose, it is good to know the reasons to choose Italian restaurant in Hawthorn over the rest. Choose an authentic Italian restaurant for the culture, tradition and overall experience.

However, below are the top three reasons why the cuisine is so incredibly good: 

1. It’s Varied 

As previously mentioned, Italian cuisine is varied and this is the main reason why it is so delicious. 

There are a lot of different foods and ingredients used to create the cuisine, and this includes an array of pasta, sauces, fruit, veggies, oils and fish to name a few. 

Generally speaking, traditional Italian courses contain four or five courses, but today courses are more modern and typically consist of 3-4 courses in total. 

If a person goes to an authentic Italian restaurant, then they may be surprised at what they find on the menu. 

Besides an array of foods, they’ll find various types of wine. This is yet another reason why Italian cuisine is so good. 

2. Healthy 

Italian cuisine is healthy because it is based on a Mediterranean diet. 

This means it usually consists of plenty of vegetables and fruit, both of which are typically eaten fresh. The cuisine also consists of healthy oils and fish. 

Since the Italian diet is so varied and tasty, it makes eating healthy both fun and interesting. 

These days people around the world want to eat healthily. This is one of the primary reasons for a lot of them turning to Italian cuisine. 

Sure, there may be some unhealthy dishes, but for the most part, authentic Italian cuisine and dishes are relatively healthy. 

3. Flavoursome

The third reason why Italian cuisine tastes so good is that it is full of flavour. Many Italians use various types of sauces and oils to add flavour to their meals. 

Since there are many types of seasonings, sauces and toppings used within Italian cooking, it makes cooking Italian food fun. 

Here’s a tip, try a few Italian dishes throughout the next few weeks. Order or make a few dishes that contain sauces or incorporate toppings. 

After doing this, the chances are you will become a convert to Italian dishes.

There’s no denying that Italian cuisine is varied. It’s generally healthy and flavoursome too. Those are the top three reasons why the cuisine is so good.

It’s no wonder why the cuisine is so good and has gained in popularity throughout the years. 

With that said, if anyone is craving Italian cuisine, then they should book a table at an authentic Italian restaurant.

At Osteria 20, we offer an Italian dining experience with service that is second to none. With these important reminders for Italian restaurants in Hawthorn, you are sure to have the most authentic Italian dining experience this side of town. 

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