Traditional Italian Dishes

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Traditional Pasta Hawthorn

Traditional pasta Hawthorn. Italy is a truly beautiful country, blessed in so many aspects. You name it, Italy has got it.

From history and culture right through to architecture and sports cars, Italy covers all bases.  

However, what makes Italy one of the most popular countries in the world is food and wine. There is no doubt that cuisine forms an integral part of Italian culture.

Most of the foods that are loved all over the world by connoisseurs and novices alike can be traced back to Italy. Interestingly enough, traditional pasta Hawthorn dishes are considered top-billed. Nothing is more Italian than a bowl of authentic and traditional pasta in Hawthorn.

So why is Italian cuisine so popular? Why is it a must to try traditional dishes of Italian restaurant in Hawthorn? 

Let’s take a look now at some of the more traditional Italian dishes to see if we can find the answer to this question.

Top Historical Italian Dishes You Need To Put In Your Bucket List

A visit to Italy isn’t complete unless one tries the cuisine offered by the numerous restaurants and cafes there.

Naturally, there are restaurants that cater mainly to tourists and stray away from the real traditional dishes.

However, you can also choose to visit one of the many restaurants and cafes that are frequented by locals.

Most of these establishments are on the small side streets and “vias” and are a little more out of sight.

In these local restaurants and cafes, you are more likely to find traditional dishes (Italian restaurant Hawthorn similarly) that have been enjoyed by the local population for generations.

However, the taste of the dishes can change since the chefs at times use family recipes or modified recipes.

So, what are the most popular traditional dishes in Italy? Let’s take a look now and see if you can avoid drooling until the end of this article!

1. Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes from all over the world. Not just for adults but also children. To date, I have never met anyone who does not love pizza.

The origin of Pizza can be traced back to Naples in Italy.

Pizza is basically a flat baked piece of bread with toppings. The toppings can either be made to suit vegetarian tastes or accommodate those who love meat.

The basic pizza usually include tomatoes, cheese, spices or any other additive that the chef chooses to use in their recipe, and then there are a number of toppings you can choose from.

One traditional method of cooking the pizza is a wood fired oven which helps to produce a slightly smoky flavour.

It’s hard to beat pizza when it comes to traditional Italian meals.

2. Lasagne

Lasagne is a widely enjoyed meal in most homes and is also a very popular dish in countries other than Italy.

This dish is basically flat pasta sheets baked in layers in an oven. This traditional pasta Hawthorn dish is popular because of its cheesy consistency, perfect for most kids and of course, those who are kids at heart.

In between the layers of pasta sheets, most chefs commonly add meat sauce and bechamel sauce, which is basically a cheese based sauce.

However, if you are partaking in this delicacy in Italy, and it doesn’t fit this description, don’t worry.

There a few traditional variations that may not seem like the lasagne you are used to in Australia for example.

Most reputable chefs use their own recipes in order to entice customers and create a differentiation from other chefs in the area.

3. Bottarga

This delicacy is popularly known as ‘Sicilian Caviar’. This indigenous delicacy is made from roe that comes from grey mullets.  

When the roe is dried over a period of about six months, it turns into eggs which can then be grated over pasta to create a truly memorable and mouth-watering delicacy.

Due to the time it takes to prepare this dish, expect to part with a hefty sum of cash if you are hoping to enjoy this delicacy.

4. Ribollita

Do you love soup? Then Ribollita is one particular traditional dish that you should definitely try.

You may have heard of Tuscany. Yes, I am talking about the province of wines, particularly chianti.

This is where this soup originated. Unlike most soups today which are thickened using meats, this delicacy is thickened using bread.

Vegetables are also added to this soup to make it more delectable.

5. Polenta

This is a starch that is made from corn mash.

Though in Italy this dish was historically made from any type of starch material that was available, this delicacy is primarily made from corn today.

This dish can be used to accompany most meat foods, especially those that are stewed.

If you are looking for a full stomach and a warm body on a cold winter night, you should definitely try this delicacy.

6. Fiorentina Steak

Talking of dishes, we cannot forget to talk about meat. By meat, I’m talking about steaks.  

This bone steak is one of Italy’s best dishes. This delicacy is cut from a specific breed of cow and prepared in a specific way in a specific region.

This dish is best eaten in Tuscany, Italy. This is not a delicacy to eat and enjoy alone. It should be shared.

The taste of the dish however can change depending on the actual meat used. Historically, this dish has always been prepared from the Chianina cow breed.

If you want to enjoy the most authentic version of this dish, check which meat has been used. Either way, it is still a classic Italian dish.

A visit to Italy is not complete without tasting one of the traditional indigenous dishes from this region.

Next time you are in Italy, you simply must try one of the delicacies discussed above.

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