What Are The Most Common Features Of Italian Cuisine?

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Authentic Italian Hawthorn Restaurants

Authentic Italian Hawthorn restaurants. Most food lovers accept that Italian food is the best in the world. 

Italian food is well prepared, rich in taste and flavour and guaranteed to leave one feeling hungry for more. 

There is a fascinating history behind some of the contemporary food trends in the country. Food from each region of Italy has its own unique characteristics. These characteristics are then brought to life by authentic Italian Hawthorn restaurants.

This article provides information on exactly what the most common features of Italian cuisine are.


Fresh Ingredients

Italians prefer to source their ingredients from the local markets and stores instead of large-scale supermarkets. 

Local markets not only offer fresh produce at all times but healthy and delicious fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Fresh food sells more in Italy than pre-packaged food in retail volume sales. 

The fresh produce market saw significant growth in recent years with fresh fruit, vegetables, seafood, and other fish products leading the list. 

Some of the other fresh ingredients used in Italian dishes include olive oil, flour, eggs, different kinds of cheese, meat, beans, and so forth.

Such traditions are meticulously and carefully handed over from generation to generation especially in authentic Italian Hawthorn restaurants.


Each region in Italy has its own cuisine handed down from generation to generation. 

Each householder in Italy has cooked at least once with mom or grandma. 

They learn how to come to grips with the raw materials and other important ingredients included in popular Italian cuisine. 

Italians tend to spend more time sitting for lunch or dinner with the people they love. So food has become a fundamental part of their lives. 

That’s why traditional food items are cooked today without even the slightest change to the original recipe.  

In close relation to fresh ingredients, tradition is key. Same ingredients and recipes remain even after several decades, even centuries. Even better, these traditions are observed by authentic Italian Hawthorn restaurants even up to this date.

Light Breakfasts

Italians have a light breakfast compared to people from other countries in Europe. 

Most Europeans prefer to have a good old-fashioned fry-up for breakfast including eggs, sausages, beans, bacon, mushrooms, and many other items. 

The typical Italian breakfast includes coffee – cappuccino or latte, cookies, bread rolls, and pastries. 

Yoghurt, fruit salad, and muesli are the other breakfast choices in Italy. 

The reason for people to have a light breakfast in Italy is that the Italians are saving their appetite for the main meal of the day or lunch.

The Importance Of Sauce

Pasta with tomato sauce is an unbeatable combination in Italy. 

For many people in Italy, having pasta without sauce is similar to having a salad without lettuce. 

The combination of pasta and sauce goes back to the latter parts of the 17th century in Italy. 

The first written record of this combination is found in the L’Apicio Moderno – a cookbook written by a Roman chef called Francesco Leonardi in 1790. 

The perfect mix for this recipe includes pasta, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and herbs. The best way to serve such a dish is to cook the pasta until it’s perfectly done. 

After draining the water from the bowl, mix the tomato sauce with the pasta. This will help absorb the other ingredients for the ultimate pasta perfection. This means of preparation can be observed in many authentic Italian Hawthorn restaurants and others as well.


Gelato vs ice cream is a historical battle in Italy. Summer is the best time to enjoy the delights of gelato. 

Gelato is considered a healthier alternative to ice cream since it contains less sugar. 

On the other hand, gelato involves a slower churning process compared to ice cream. Gelato is another popular feature of Italian cuisine. 

Italian food is out of this world for many food lovers. The food is well prepared, tasty, full of flavour, and leaves you feeling hungry for more. 

Italian food has a truly fascinating history behind it. 

Next time you are in Italy, you simply must try one of the delicacies discussed above. 

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