Where Did Pizza First Come From?

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Pizza Best Restaurants Hawthorn

Pizza best restaurants Hawthorn. It is probably your favourite meal. As a matter of fact, it’s just about everybody’s favourite meal!

Eat in, take away, home delivered, wood-fired, fine dining, by the slice, by the metre – it’s hard to think of another meal that is more diverse and as flexible as pizza.

Has there ever been a time when you’ve been enjoying a slice of pizza with gusto and have stopped to think about where it actually originates from?

It’s fair to say, most people haven’t. However, when you love something so much, it makes sense to want to try and find out where it actually comes from.

It is also great news that this beloved pizza is available literally everywhere! However, it is best to have it enjoyed in an authentic Italian restaurant, right? The history of pizza through Italian restaurants in Hawthorn comes to life. Every bite takes you to ancient times when this marvel of a food was born. Wait, was this in Italy? You sure? Well, read on to see.

So let’s take a look now at the origins of one of the worlds most favourite dishes.

What Actually Is Pizza?

This may seem like a silly answer, but this actually depends upon where you come from.

For example, in the Middle East, pizza is described as a flat, round bread that has been cooked in an oven without any additions on the top.

The more famous type of pizza that everyone around the world knows and loves does come in the form of flat, round bread, but also has toppings on it.

The toppings can either be meat, seafood or vegetables depending on the dietary orientation of the person enjoying the meal.

However, if one wants to get technical and look deep into the historical origins of pizza, it has been claimed that it can be traced back to the ancient Greek era. 

Such colorful nuances of history of pizza through Italian restaurant in Hawthorn gives life to its origins. Regardless of where you are, pizza is pizza. It remains to be one of the world’s most favorite dishes.

I Thought Pizza Was From Italy?

When it comes to answering the question of who invented pizza, there is really no clear answer, although its early origins are Greek.

As mentioned above, it comes down to the definition of what a pizza actually is.

However, did you know that “pizza” is actually Italian for the word pie?

So we can see the confusion already with some places referring to pizza as a round, flat bread, while other places referring to it as a pie!

All technicalities aside, Italy is considered to be the home of pizza as we know it in most countries around the world today.

Italians are famous for a lot of things but there is no doubt that if you are a connoisseur of pizza, then Italy is probably at the top of your “must-visit” places.

A typical pizza that is made with cheese, tomato and other toppings was first made in Naples Italy.

Although peasants in Naples made this delicacy and sold it to other peasants, the individual who is credited with historically making the first pizza “pie” is Raffaelle Esposito.

So how did pizza become so popular all over the world?

The Early Migration Of Pizza

As mentioned earlier, pizza, as we know it today, was first made famous in Italy.

So how did this delicacy become one of the most famous and most loved dishes all over the world?

The credit goes to the Italian immigrants, who looking to avoid oppression and poverty in their own country, moved overseas looking for greener pastures in the new world.

By the new world, we mean the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and neighbouring countries.

The biggest immigration of Italians happened in the 1920’s.

As the new immigrants moved into big cities such as New York and London, they brought with them their skills. After all, skills are inherent to a person.

And of course, we all have to eat!

The Italians who moved to big cities opened hotels and restaurants in a bid to earn a living.

Little did they know that the delicacy that was enjoyed by peasants back home would become a major hit in the new world.

The people of the new world were used to eating bread on its own.

Then came along came the Italians with bread that had toppings and cheese plus the tomatoes and the rest is history.

With the presence of Italians growing in major cities around the world, pizza became a fad. And this fad remains alive and well right up to this current moment.

What Types Of Pizza Are There?

In just about every restaurant around the world, you will find pizza on the menu.

Due to its popularity, chefs have tried to stay ahead of the game by devising a number of different ways to design and cook pizza.

The toppings and additions usually depend on the chef who is making the pizza. As a result, you can find a massive variety of pizzas in most major cities.

You can even find pizza in countries like Japan and Cambodia!

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